Our Locations

Marietta, GA Headquarters:
Mill Creek Office Park
1343 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30067-9472 USA
Savannah, GA Branch Office:
7130 Hodgson Memorial Drive, Suite 102
Savannah, GA 31406 USA
Alpharetta, GA Branch Office:
4080 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Suite 1404
Alpharetta, GA 30005 USA

Contact Information

We would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our services further, let us know at info@usacargo.com or any of the people below:

President Richard Cope 770-956-3025 richard@usacargo.com
Vice President Bill Mordecai 770-956-3024 bill@usacargo.com
Vice President Todd Mordecai 770-980-4236 todd@usacargo.com
Ocean Export Ester Borrego 770-956-3022 ester@usacargo.com
NVOCC Todd Mordecai 770-980-4236 todd@usacargo.com
  Camilla McKinney 770-956-3026 camilla@usacargo.com
Air Freight Mike McCauley 770-980-4226 mike@usacargo.com
Savannah Branch JoBeth Fuller 912-354-6220 jfuller@usacargo.com
Alpharetta Branch Nancy O'Tinger 678-566-2566 nancyo@usacargo.com


USA Cargo Services Co.
1343 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 200,
Marietta, GA 30067-9472.

Phone Number:770-951-2155
Toll-Free: 1 800-872-2155